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6 Spots to Take Your Girl This Valentines Day - Syd πŸ’˜

Getting triple cheesies delivered to your doorstep and kicking back with Narcos on Netflix sounds like a decent Wednesday date night, right? Sometimes, sure. We'll give you that. But this Wednesday is Valentines day. Up yo game!


Don't tell us you don't know where to go, because we've literally planned SIX perfect date nights for you. You can even tell ya girl you thought of it all yourself. Aren't you cute!


What are we eating?
Breakfast, brews, burgers, booze and beats. πŸ˜› BangBang Cafe does a ridiculous (but like, in a good way) burger of the week. Seriously; there's been a spring roll burger, pierogi burger and a burger with fried chicken buns. Cheat day with yo chick.

What are we doing?
Is she a cat person? 🐱 If so, this place is something straight from her dreams. An outerspace themed cat café - meet Catmosphere in Surry Hills. Your $22 entry includes a coffee, a cat shaped cookie, and whole freakin' ROOM OF KITTENS. They're all adoptable rescue kitties too, so you may just be convinced to leave with an extra family member. #notsorry

*Catmosphere isn't on Liven yet- we just like them. 😚


What are we doing?
Couples can be anti-valentines day too. Doesn't mean you gotta sit at home a whine about it together. Take your equally as un-interested other to the "Anti Valentines Day" Culture Up Late event at the Australian Muesuem. Write each other offensive Valentines cards, make voodoo dolls, partake in the interactive dessection of frog hearts... (WHY?! 😫)
Now that's bonding. Tickets here.

What are we eating?
After hours of mildly offensive anti Valentines Day activities, you should probably consider reassuring her that you actually like her over some grilled halloumi and cocktails. πŸ™ƒ Rabbit Hole serves molecular cocktails, wood fired pizza and a bunch of delicious share plates. Might be time to wipe the memories of that frog heart dissection from your mind with a lot of alcohol.


What are we doing?
Potentially a bit out of way, but totally worth it. Pack a picnic and take a coast side drive to Bare Island Fort in La Perouse. Check out the island and explore the fort like the experienced island adventurers you are. Then, make your way to dinner. Cute points = 100. Go you.

What are we eating?
Big day of exploring? Bet you're both hangry as hell. Time for a feast. Just a 15 minute coastal drive from La Perouse, El Toro is a cute, kitchy and super cosy Spanish restaurant right on Marouba Beach. They're hiding some seriously good sangria and paella - making it the perfect space for a cute dinner after your day at Bare Island Fort. After dinner, go for a night time beach walk!


What are we eating?
Inspired by the bars of 1950's New York, in a Bondi Junction basement - Calabur is a cafe by day, and an asian fusion tapas bar by night. Both their food and their cocktail menu follow an "east meets west" influence, meaning gorgeous plating, fun flavours and like 100 compulsary IG shots. Maybe even a cheers Boomerang. πŸ™„ Patience is a virtue.

What are we doing?
Pick up some tickets to the Valentines Day screening of "The Greatest Showman" at the Moonlight Cinema in Centennial Park. It's just a 10 minute walk from Calabur. Get a beanbag, some snacks and think about what a great job you've done at planning out the perfect date night. Now WHO said pizza and movies can't be classy?


What are we eating?
Take your sweet heart for a sweet treat at Hakiki this valentines day. What's the deal with Turkish icecream? Hand churned to perfection - Turkish ice cream brings a one of a kind taste and texture experience; with unique flavour combinations like melon & feta, cacao & Turkish coffee, sticky date, banana & cinnamon, and caramelised fig.

What are we doing?
Time to flex those golf gunzzz.🏌 Challenge yo girl to a game of mini golf at Holey Moley. You'll both have a ball . After a few of their cocktails, you could even belt out a tune or two in one of their karaoke rooms. Bring on the sing off. All those mentally stored Beyonce lyrics had to come to a good use one day!

*Holey Moley isn't on Liven yet- we just like them. 😚


What are we doing?
If you're feelin' particularly energetic this Valentines day, get up bright and early, slip into some fitness wear and do the Spit to Manly walk before the sun swings out in full force! Take the M30 or 143 to the Spit Bridge. It's a 10km coastal walk to Manly sprinkled with some of Sydney's most beautiful beaches, bays and indigenous art. It takes 3-4 hours to walk, but you'll probably want to stop for a dip along the way.

What are we eating?
Now that you're in Manly, you're absolutely going to want to celebrate the completion of all those kilometres with a bunch of mojitos and some Mexican food. Havana Beach is right on Manly beach, so you can hang out, recover and then go for another swim. After, catch the ferry back to the CBD.

Have fun! Us, on the other hand.